Queer Kid Stuff
Director and camera for season 2 and 3.

Wesleyan University                                                           
Film: After Flowers (Winner of Best Picture)  Position: Director of Photography  
Film: Baby Shoes               Position: Foley Artist                     
Film: Ready                       Position: Sound Recordist
Film: Great Party, Marie    Position: Production Assistant                               

Clinger The Movie (Official Selection at Slamdance)                  
Position: Script Supervisor
In charge of continuity, log notes, and communication between set and editor.

National Boston                                                                                
Position: Production Intern
Worked on commercial sets as a production assistant; assisted in pre-production. 

New York International Children’s Film Festival                          
Position: Intern
Assisted with film selection, data entry, requesting films, and film camp.

Position: Director of Photography for all bonus feature content